Instagram Storytelling

I don’t really do selfies, food snaps or workout photos — at least not to share with the public. And yet, instagram is saturated with these kind of images, now with the addendum of being an #ad. So, when I first read about what is best described as instagram storytelling, I was excited. Of course, the platform was already there —  the… Read more →


An Interview with Flint Mag

Late last year, a long and random internet search led me to Flint Mag — a Perth-based online magazine that explores contemporary culture and the human condition. I was immediately taken with Flint’s focus on photography, international content and wide-ranging subjects which seemed so different from most new websites/media start-ups I’d come across. As a regular reader, I was itching… Read more →


Inside a Haitian Social Enterprise

Earlier this year, I spent a while milling about on the island of Hispaniola. Part of it was spent backpacking through the Dominican Republic while the latter part of my trip was spent in Haiti. Haiti is one of the most fascinating places I’ve visited and a month was certainly not enough time to explore this culturally and historically rich country.… Read more →

puff 011

A Winter, Nearly Spring Reading List

During the few months of California summer I enjoyed and the following months of Melbourne winter that I endured (it actually wasn’t too bad), I did a lot of reading. Reading for me always comes with travelling and a journey that went from California to Haiti, back to California, then home to Melbourne via Hawaii certainly involved a lot of moving… Read more →


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