Audio- slideshow: CA rare plant treasure hunt

A recent audio- slideshow I created about a California Native Plant Society (CNPS) rare plant treasure hunt I participated in and reported on for Bay Nature. I don't really consider myself a plant fanatic unless of course it involves a delicious edible vegetable but it turns out native plants are actually quite interesting — especially if they are also rare. Although I don't think this marine biology fan is a convert just yet. While many media professionals consider the audio- slideshow a multimedia relic of the past, it combines two of my favourite things: audio and photography. And for this reason as well as the fact it is really hard to do multiple things while kayaking against the wind, it was my multimedia tool of choice.  To some extent, I do agree that audio- slideshows are an outdated and certainly not innovative way of storytelling. But when you're a DIY- multimedia- learning kind of journalist, you just do what you can with the skills you've got and next time, do something better.

CNPS Rare Plant Treasure Hunt from Alessandra Bergamin on Vimeo.

The Great Ocean Roadtrip

With its jaw dropping cliffs, green pastures and Mountain Ash giants, Victoria's Great Ocean Road is a unique mix of coast, rainforest and country that each year attracts thousands of visitors. Towards the end of November, I drove down the Great Ocean Road for a few nights of hiking and camping. While Torquay, Lorne and the Twelve Apostles are perhaps the most well known and popular stops, it was the coast front campsites, koalas dozing in their gum trees and ferny undergrowth of the Otway Ranges that won my heart.

Camera in tow, I tried to capture not only my own roadtrip, but the diversity of flora, fauna and habitats that makes the Great Ocean Road, truly great.

[imagebrowser id=1]

Photography and Melbourne's Marriage Equality Rally

A few weeks ago, I was part of a photojournalism workshop with Australian photographer, Rodney Dekker. Despite being relatively new to the medium, photojournalism is something I am passionate about. While my technical skills have improved, it was great to go beyond just aperture and shutter speed and get into shooting photo essays and editing in Adobe LightBox. Coincidentally, there was a Marriage Equality rally outside the Victorian State Library on the same day. While it proved a great scene to practice taking photographs, it is a sad reality that there is still a need to rally for something like marriage equality, when it should be a given.

Here are a few photos from the day, they're not the best, but they're a start!

IMG 738


















IMG 762























IMG 802























IMG 783





On frosty weekends, when the sun is barely peeking through the grey clouds, there is nothing nicer than being cosy inside and at home. While I am most definitely a summer baby, I do love a perfect winter's day; no rain, a chilly breeze, a blue sky and fledgling moments of sunshine.