Non- profit Journalism

Today, Fairfax announced nearly 2000 staff cuts to be made over the next three years. In light of my recent graduation and paired with the uncertainty of what I will be doing for the next few months/years, I should be enrolling in an accounting course right now.

But I've been reading quite a lot about non-profit journalism and the potential it has to 'fill the gap' left my mainstream media. While this is not a big trend in Australia when compared to the U.S., it is starting to gain leverage with universities at the forefront. While there are issues regarding the sustainability of such a model, given the problems facing mainstream media organisations this is perhaps a good, if not the best, viable option for the future.

Here's a selection of non- profit News Orgs-

ProPublica- Interesting and engaging investigative journalism.

The Common Language Project- One of my favourites; thoughtful and provoking global reporting  on issues, countries and people largely forgotten by the rest of the world.

ReMapping Debate- I only came across this recently, however it is some of the most interesting coverage of US domestic politics/policies that I've read.

New Matilda- An old favourite, while lacking the reporting standards of non- profits such as ProPublica, New Matilda is a great outlet for an alternative source of news and analysis.

The Global Mail- 'Our audience is our only agenda' says it all.

The Conversation- Although I read The Conversation regularly for in depth background on issues, it verges on the more academic than journalistic side. Nevertheless, its usually an incisive read.