"I'm not just Robert, HIV positive"

Last month, I interviewed a student at Melbourne University, living with HIV. It was for the Melbourne University Health Initiative (MUHI) newsletter and my column about students on campus living with illnesses and disabilities. I was so nervous for this interview given the sensitive nature of the topic. So I read everything about HIV, about people living with HIV and followed a HIV media guide like a bible (the link can be found here).

But when the time came it went really well. The student was kind, funny, friendly and completely honest with me. And although I nit-picked the article a million times and nagged family and friends to read it and critique it, over and over, I am finally happy with the end result.

And you can read the published version here.

It made me think about the privilege journalists have in digging into people's lives, listening to their stories and having the ability to take these and share them with the world. But with this privilege comes great responsibility and I felt the weight of this while writing the HIV article. I hope I have given justice to this individual's story and portrayed him fairly and accurately.