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The things they carried 

“On this day, every bag pulled from the weight of the earth will be given a tag, an epithet for an unknown name. In this anonymity, every body is a John Doe.”

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into the forest and out of the fire: thru-hiking a bushfire

A narrative and photo piece about hiking and outdoor recreation in the age of climate change.

Published at Misadventures.

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Another caribbean

On being a tourist in Haiti — a country rarely associated with tourism. 

Originally published at Flint Mag

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NIGht shfit workers speak out about against sexual assault 

Undocumented janitorial workers campaign for stronger legislation to protect workers from workplace assault.

Published at Oakland North

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Literary city: tangier

A literary look at Tangier, Morocco's most misunderstood city.

Originally published at Writer's Bloc.

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On the hunt for rare plants 

On a search to find rare plants, botanist Danny Slakey discovers one that has not been recorded since the late 1800s. 

Published at Bay Nature Magazine.

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ADVOcacy groups sue the dmv 

In 2016, a coalition of legal aid groups sued the DMV for the alleged "illegal" suspension of driver licenses in California particularly among low-income communities.

Published at Oakland North.

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better science through fishing

A narrative piece about science at the intersection of fishing and ecology. Includes a donut sacrifice. 

Published at Bay Nature Magazine.

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selling the americas  

How do we sell the world back to ourselves? A look at the business of travel expos and the stories they sell.

Published at Talking Soup.